Blissful wedding dreams

You will have been dreaming about your wedding for years.  It's my job is to capture those dreams, and create gorgeous, artistic wedding photography, that will stay with you and your family for generations
Candid bridal portrait in B&W. Shot by Observational Wedding Photographer Richard King
A beautiful Bride, captured by Richard King, documentary wedding photographer. A candid black and white bridal portrait, shot on film
Over many years, it has been a total privilege for me to shoot countless weddings. Each wedding has been totally special to me

A window on your day

As an observational wedding photographer, I will not be bossing you around, putting people in awkward poses, or taking over your day. Instad, I work quietly, in the background, creating timeless, magical wedding photography

Art & emotion

I am an artistic, documentary wedding photographer. I seek emotion, expression and feelings. To that I add a subtle artistic flavour. I shoot with exquisite timing; being very patient, visualising a shot and then waiting for it to unfold for me I translate dreams into sublime, beautiful, works of art

Professional wedding photographer

I have a straightforwards approach to packages and working, shooting one wedding a weekend.  When you book me, I'll be all yours, focused on just your wedding Of course, I'm totally professional wedding photographer, and unlile many wedding photographers, fully insured Every aspect of the way I work is deliberately designed to ensure you get the very best - before during and after your wedding Call me today, to discuss your wedding dreams, on 01522 253203

Am I the photographer for you?

Not if you want stiff, traditional wedding photography, with lined up group shots that take forever to shoot However if you are looking for relaxed, natural and emotional photography, I am probably a good fit.  You will appreciate a highly experienced wedding photographer, that is professional, with a way of working that ensures no corners are cut Simply... I value your wedding photographs as much as you will

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Tell me about your dream wedding

Where do I shoot weddings?

I shoot destination weddings all over the world. I am based in the UK, on the Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire border, half way between Newark and Lincoln.  I am happy to travel UK wide to shoot your wedding As a Lincolnshire wedding photographer, of course I have shot weddings all over the East Midlands.  Being just off the A46, dropping into Leicestershire, Nottingham and Birmingham are local to me I have an base in Swindon too, so if you are looking for a London wedding photographer or a Wiltshire wedding photographer, give me a call, I will be delighted to speak to you
A Bride roaring with laughter in the wedding speaches, captured bby observational wedding photographer Richard King. in the background, Groomsmen and wedding guests with a range of emotions
A laughing Bride with a tense Groomsman who is worried about what will be said next in the grooms speech. Capturing unforced emotion at weddings is what I am about

Observational wedding photography

A long time ago I realised that Brides and Grooms didn't want the same old shots that you saw from nearly all wedding photographers; instead they were choosing the emotional shots, the observational shots to go in their wedding albums. As a natural photo journalist, I slid very quickly into documentary wedding photography, it plays to my strengths. I seek emotion, feelings, shape, great light, contrast; anticipating and seeing things before they happen Documentary wedding photography is in my bones – that moment I capture the glimpse the smile the tear gets me every time. I observe the little things that no one else sees at a wedding, the way the Mother of the Bride looks at her daughter, the way the Bride looks at her Grandmother, the camaraderie between the Groomsman followed the nervousness of the waiting Groom As an observational wedding photographer I have had the privilege of being involved with the very special moments in the lives of families all over the world

Black and white wedding photography

From the very first moment I saw image appear out of a sheet of paper under a red light in a darkroom, I have adored B&W photography.  Monochromatic photography looses the dimension of colour, but gains the dimension of substance. Patterns, form and emotion leap out of a monochrome print I still shoot some black and white film at a wedding, and the results are stunning. A real silver print is something to cherish and look at every day With an innate ability to think in black and white, seeing texture, shade, light and shape, I add timing and emotion. I always capture an extraordinary, stunning full set of black and white wedding photography at each wedding I shoot
A B&W photograph of a Bride and Groom, at Lincoln Cathedral, Shot on film, with a Tilt Shift lens to ensure the perspective of the architecture looks perfect
A fine art wedding photograph of a Bride and Groom walking past Lincoln Cathedral, in the Cathedral Quarter of Lincoln.  Whilst this is a natural, documentary shot of the couple, much attention has been paid to the building.   A tilt shift lens was used to ensure the shape and geometry of the building look right

Lincolnshire wedding photographer

I am a Lincolnshire wedding photographer, living just on the border of Nottinghamshire.  I have shot weddings all over the two counties and beyond. Lincolnshire has some fantastic venues, especially in the stunning Cathedral Quarter of Lincoln Nottinghamshire has superb venues for wedding photography, ranging from city centre to country manor house If you are looking for a fully qualified, fully insured, highly experienced Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer or Nottinghamshire Wedding Photographer drop me a line, I’ll be delighted to speak to you

London, Swindon and Cyprus Wedding photographer

Having an additional base in Swindon,  allows me to provide London Wedding photography as well as wedding photography services all over the South West I also have a new base in Cyprus, where I provide Destination Wedding Photography. If you are seeking a Cyprus Wedding Photographer or A Mediterranean Wedding Photographer, give me a call, it will be an absolute pleasure to provide you with stunning documentary wedding photography

Fine art wedding photographer

The content of what I shoot is pure Documentary Wedding Photography, however I add to that an artistic vision, and rigorous processes that ensure that you will have exceptionally high quality artistic photography that is timeless and long lasting Seeing a really high quality print, beautifully framed and in pride of place in a Bride and Grooms family home fills me with joy, that is the point of what I do From acid free materials, to specialist museum grade printing techniques, everything I do is purposefully designed to make your wedding photography better The smallest details are of total interest to me. For example, I have a long detailed workflow that starts at the wedding to ensure colour is perfect from shoot to print. I deliberately take time out to stop and consider these things, constantly seeking ways of making things better Instead of rushing the editing of your wedding photography, I have lots of tiny little extra steps to make the final result better and better. To ensure that you only get the very best I only use archival quality materials and processes. I am actively thinking think about my medium, film, camera, lens and lighting choices, to bring subjects to life. I want your wedding photography to a part of your families lives for a lifetime and beyond