I recently had the pleasure of shooting wedding photography at Marden Grotto.  It most certainly is a unique venue Essentially the venue is a restaurant / bar that is on it’s own beach at the base of some cliffs.  It is a very private venue, as the only access to it is via a lift from the car park at the top of the cliffs.  This has some excellent advantages – you can have a very noisy wedding that won’t disturb any one at any time of the night. Within the venue, is a dance floor area that is in a cave!  This makes photography quite a challenge, but I love a challenge! The venue is a bit of a photographers dream – mixing really stunning scenery - cliffs, caves, sea, sunsets with a private intimate restaurant and bar The staff in the venue seemed to be very easy going and accommodating, and the food was very nice The venue has one weakness – the route into the venue via a tunnel and lift could really be improved.  However don’t let this put you off, you need to get inside the venue to appreciate what it has to offer If you are looking for a wedding photographer in the North East, or a wedding photographer in South Shields, then do not hesitate to contact me If you are interested in how I shot the the photograph I shot the photograph at a wedding at 11.00pm at night, I used a huge torch to illuminate the large rock in the sea to the left, and the cliffs around the Grotto.  There are a couple more shots like this which will be released soon.  The technique is called light painting photography.  I am always on the look out for creative ways to light things!

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Marsden Grotto South Shields Wedding Photography
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