You have seen the gorgeous documentary wedding photography on my website, and now you want to know who you are booking.  Here are ten reasons to book me

1. Fully qualified

I am a fully qualified, and very experienced Professional Photographer

2. Established

I have been shooting weddings a long time and will be shooting weddings for a long while to come. My business is stable and established.  If you book me, I will shoot your wedding and give you sublime wedding photography

Book Nottinghamshire wedding photographer Richard King

3. Fully equipped to do the job

Unlike a lot of wedding photographers, I specialise in destination wedding photography. 

Destination wedding photography is an entirely different logistical proposition than shooting a local wedding, and most professional photographers are not equipped to shoot at a distance, and their insurance (if they have any at all) is usually only valid to their home country

Because am set up to shoot destination weddings, I don’t need to cut corners with my equipment or approach.  I am specifically set up to travel abroad and shoot weddings 

4. Insured

I am fully insured, worldwide.  This is very important; it protects you and your guests if things go wrong.  Insurance is now required by most venues

5. You get me!

It will be me “Richard King” shooting your wedding, unlike a lot of other wedding photography businesses, I don’t palm work of to subcontractors. You are booking me, the work you have seen here is mine.  Read  About Me  to find out what makes me tick

6. Backups

Backups – I’m serious about this – everything is fully backed up onsite and offsite. I even shoot onto two memory cards at the same time.  I have backup cameras, and backups of the backups

7. I sweat on the details

I am always reviewing and striving to make things better. There are a multitude of little things that I do, that many wedding photographers don’t bother with.  Some are seen, others are unseen.  Everything I do is done to make sure that I am giving you the very best

8. Professional gear

My equipment is professional grade, chosen specifically for shooting weddings abroad, in order to provide you with the very best wedding photographs

9. Easy going

I’m very easy going and easy to be around, which is important, as I will be with you and your guests all day long

10. Your wedding is important to me

I’m super passionate and respectful about my photography and customers. I want to provide you with the very best you can have, with absolutely no corners cut

Book me

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A booking fee of just €400 secures me for your wedding day

I work all over the world

I am based in the Mediterranean, but I shoot weddings all over Europe and beyond

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