I am a highly experienced, incredibly creative, Destination Wedding Photographer. I started with film, I now shoot both digital and film.  

In the beginning

At the age of four, I was given a Box Brownie (that’s a really old Kodak film camera). I have not stopped shooting since

Image courtesy of Wikipedia
Box Brownie image courtesy of Wikipedia

Through the seventies and eighties I was shooting products, portraits, events and a range of small, medium and large format film cameras, and fell in love with a Nikon F6 as my go-to shoot anything camera. In the late eighties, I studied photography formally, and did the Photography City & Guilds 1, 2 & 3 in Swindon. I then went onto study Optics and Lens Design at City University in London

Starting with weddings

I was a second shooter for my first wedding back in 1989, I learnt a lot then, mainly what I hated about wedding photography – stiff, traditional, lined up standard shots. Interesting fact – back then we shot several weddings a day, and would wind the film back on to shoot the last few shots in the evening reception. We shot 12 or 34 or 36, and albums had 12, 24 or 36 photographs in them

Documentary unveiled

It was about then I started looking at photographers like Lisa Larsen, the young magazine photographer who shot the wedding of JF Kennedy and Jackie Onassis in 1953… Yes – that early! Her style was so documentary and photojournalistic – open, free and emotional. It was then I realised that traditional wedding photography was not for me

Much to the horror of my peers I loosened up, and started shooting in a photojournalistic style. For a while, I shot the traditional 12 or 24 photographs on a medium format film camera, and then at the same time, slipped in a couple of rolls of 35mm film through, in the observational documentary approach. Couples loved it, the rest is history

Nottingham wedding photographer shoots a Bride and Bridesmaid excited
Destination Wedding Photographer, Richard King, shoots a Bride and Bridesmaid, who are excited, anticipating the wedding

Photography and Optics has run through my veins for nearly all of my life. Camera craft is utterly natural to me. A long time ago, photography became so natural to me that I stopped thinking about how to shoot, which put simply lets me concentrate on what to shoot

Nothing is off limits to me to get the shot… I incorporate seascapes, landscapes, cityscapes, buildings, stars in my wedding photography. 

I hate it, I do…

I have a confession, I hate being photographed. This drives the way I shoot. I know that most people feel uncomfortable being photographed. Over the years I have learnt how to blend in and shoot really natural photography. I am very observational. I see light, shapes and emotions. I have an excellent anticipation as to what will happen next

Lincoln wedding photographer shoots mother of the bride who is overwhelmed by the speeches
A Mother of the Bride, who is totally overwhelmed in the wedding speeches, captured by Observational Wedding Photographer Richard King

I strive for the best. I regularly look at every aspect about the way I work and seek to refine it. I will never cut corners, or make my life easier, if it gets in the way of excellence. This constant refining means that I do things that most other wedding photographers have never considered. I won’t bore you with the details, but do pick up the phone and ask me (and perhaps a few other photographers) about quiet cameras, pre-sharpening, output specific sharpening, noise profiling, backup policy, in-shoot colour profiling, hardware colour profiling- the list goes on and on…

Almost at every wedding I shoot I get a comment about how hard I work. You will be booking me for a day, and for sure you will get me for the day. I treat each couple like family; you will get the service that I would want for my family

Ages and ages

Timeless photography is important to me, which is why I don’t aim to be quirky or vintage. I appreciate that you, your children, grandchildren and even your great grand children will be looking at your wedding photographs. That’s why I won’t be using this year’s Instagram filters and calling it a style. For this reason, I purposefully use acid-free materials that will last many lifetimes. I want your wedding photographs to look as good in more than 100 years time as they will when I give them to you

Its all about the base (double base actually)

Going off topic, I’m mad crazy about jazz, world music, classical music and most other music. I unwind by cooking. If I am not shooting and editing photographs, I’m walking the dog, getting outdoors, or doing practical things like plastering walls and painting

If I sound like your sort of photographer, drop me a line. I am based in the Cyprus and work all over the world

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Where do I shoot weddings?

I am a Destination wedding photographer. I shoot destination wedding photography all over Europe, the Caribbean and Worldwide.

I am based in Cyprus, do if you are looking for a Cyprus wedding photographer, or a Mediterranean wedding photographer, I would be delighted to chat with you