As your wedding photographer I have a lot of work to do before your wedding!

Preparation is everything.  I prepare ourselves, and my wedding photography equipment

If you are nervous, we can do a pre-wedding shoot to calm your nerves, and we have a few tips and tricks for you, to try before your wedding, to make you feel more comfy on the day.  Feel free to ask me about anything – including: makeup for photography and coping with being camera shy etc.

I will contact you and double check all of the wedding photography arrangements, the timings and locations. I make sure I have all of the relevant mobile phone numbers, and I give you mine too

Often I go and check the church and wedding venue, and make sure that all of the boring things are covered off – where can I park, how long to drive between venues, where can my wedding photography equipment be stored on the day etc.

Always I speak with the venues and church beforehand.  I familiarise ourselves with the ground rules.  Because I have a very professional approach to wedding photography, I will have already spoken with the registrar or vicar before your wedding.  This helps smooth out any issues like “No photography in the service”.  I can’t guarantee that the wedding officiant will be 100% cooperative, but so far my track record is very good at getting them “on side”

I make a plan for your wedding photography in the event of poor weather or lighting.   I scout the locations, and I will be going in with our eyes open, prepared for anything to happen

The day before your wedding I clean and test all of the equipment, including the spare kit I always carry.   I charge up about 4 times the amount of batteries I need to cover your wedding.    I bring a complete set of backup equipment, and have enough empty memory cards on us to shoot for about a week solid!   I get the cars filled with petrol, and ensure we are “ready to go”   I have had a wedding where the timings changed on the morning!

If the wedding is a distance away, I will travel up the day before, and stop in a local hotel.  This makes sure I am as fresh as I can be.  I aim to be ready to shoot, and within a few miles of our first shooting location at least one hour earlier than I need to be

Its worth noting that I adhere to the dress code for your wedding – and dress accordingly.  No one wants to see a scruffy photographer!

Professional wedding photography is so much more than shooting a wedding, preparation is everything

I would be really pleased to talk to you about your wedding

Enquire about booking me to shoot your wedding

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Before your wedding