As a professional wedding photographer I have a style of my own.  I am a documentary wedding photographer.  I appreciate the needs of couples do differ, so I fine tune that style a little to suit your needs

Shooting style
In modern wedding photography there are several distinct shooting styles.  These range from the “fully formal” through to “purely photo-journalistic
The fully formal shooting style borrows its ideas and from the great painters, and has very traditional influences.  Generally speaking formal shots are posed – the photographer spends time placing you, and your guests, often in a fairly formal and regimented way.  This type of shooting takes up a lot of your time.  You may hear this style referred to as formal, or traditional, or posed.  If you are looking for a very formal style, I am probably not the photographers for you

I shoot in a documentary style.  This means I shoot things as they happen, and in the main I do not interfere with your day or set things up. The documentary wedding style has its roots are in photojournalism.  At its extreme a pure photojournalist style demands no interaction with the photographer at all.  That means no posing or formal work.  You will find this style also referred to as reportage, PJ, or photojournalist.  Of course I know that you probably want a few select group shots of the close family – which of course will shoot for you.  I very experienced at doing this

There are wedding photographers who shoot in a “fashion style” their work is in the direction of fashion magazines.  Whilst I can and do occasionally shoot like this, this style is quite imposing on the bride and groom in terms of photography time.  If you want this sort of photography, you need to allow for reasonable time slots to actually get the photography done.  In my experience, couples don’t want to do this.  It can be an option after the wedding for the bride and groom to have a half day photo session on location or in a studio

Editing style
Once the wedding photography is completed, the hard work begins.  The style of editing can make a dramatic difference to the look of the final wedding photographs.  I have my own editing style, and I aim to provide a timeless elegant beautiful record of your wedding day

To give an idea of the amount of effort involved, I allow about a week to edit a wedding, and I can spend hours post processing a single wedding photograph

Other photographers can manage to edit the whole set in a few hours, or even  outsource their editing.  Some use the “latest” trendy fashionable look in their editing.  This approach is not for me.

I understand that you are investing in me to provide you with stunning timeless photography that will look great today, and still look great in the years to come

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