I am a documentary wedding photographer.  As a documentary wedding photographer I will unobtrusively photograph your wedding in an observational yet artistic way

The photojournalism style I employ lets me give you a bride’s eye view of your wedding.  I do not spend all day telling you and guests what to do, instead, I record what happens, capturing emotions and feelings as they unfold.  This lets you just enjoy your day.  Of course I understand you may want a handful of more formal wedding photographs, most couples do

A bride asked me…

“It was almost like you were not there, how on earth did you capture the essence of our day so beautifully”

…The answer is that I dress like a guest and just blend in; this is how I manage to take such natural wedding photography

Black and white shot of mother of bride stringing up a dress

I have a sixth sense for what is going to happen next – that is how I shoot such natural looking portraits.  I patiently wait for the photograph to unfold in front of me, and then shoot.  Documentary wedding photography is about recording what happened, not about spending a lot of time lining people up or re-arranging your day

Observational – that’s a word that really describes how I work on the day – noticing small things like patterns and details, and then incorporating them with the emotions and feelings of the people

A documentary wedding photographer is not for everyone, however, if you want gorgeous stunning natural wedding photographs, and you don’t you and your guests to be bossed about all day, then drop me a line, I will be delighted to discuss your wedding with you

I work all over the world
I am based near Lincoln in the UK,  I shoot documentary wedding photography all over the world

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Documentary wedding photographer