Firstly, every wedding is different.  I start with a clean sheet of paper and I really don’t work to a formula.  Below is how I shoot a typical wedding, if your wedding is different, then that’s great, I will just slot in around you

Preparing for your wedding

Depending on the time of year, I sometimes get a few early morning shots of the venues to get some nicely lit uncluttered traffic free photographs.  If I need to I will travel up the day before to make sure I are fresh

As your wedding photographer, I usually start the day with you by visiting the bride at the dress up location.  I shoot some informal wedding photographs of the bridesmaids and pageboys, and start leaning the names of the kids

Don’t be worried about me being with you when you dress up,  remember we work as a husband and wife team, so Elizabeth will be around to help

The really nice thing about shooting at this time in the preparations, is the range of emotions I can capture, both in the bride and the bridal party – a mixture of pleasure and anticipation and the odd tear.  I shoot a few of the details at this point – flowers, shoes, dress and jewelry etc.  I also do a few really relaxed bridal portraits

On the way to the wedding

I will then take a few shots of your wedding car, and the bride in the car.  I then zoom over to the church or venue to take some wedding photographs of the waiting groom, guests and a few detailed shots.  I will always arrive before the bride does, so I can manage to take photographs  of the bridal party arriving.  Often I have a second shooter that does this, if the timings look awkward.  I often have to mix up what I do before the wedding bit to suit the locations and circumstances of the day

The wedding service

During the service, what the vicar or registrar says goes.  I speak with the vicar or registrar before the wedding, and so far, pretty much all of them have let me shoot what the bride and groom wanted.  I do have equipment that is very quiet and will take a great photograph without flash

Once the wedding ceremony is finished there is normally a good opportunity to take a handful of the traditional family shots.  I will need a brief indication of any “must have shots” to be taken at this time.  All of the time I will also be taking candid un-posed shots

Once I have finished shooting at the church, I go to the venue

At the venue

At your venue before the tables and chairs get moved about by the guests, I take a few details shots. I will then be taking very candid guest shots. When you, the bride and groom arrive, I spend a little time with you as you enjoy your welcome drinks

73Depending on the timings of the day, it is worth making a little time into your day where I take you aside for a romantic walk.  I will then photograph you from a distance, quite informally. This is a really nice time for you to reflect on the day.  This little session produces really natural romantic wedding photography

Once the reception is in full swing I will be doing a few things – I will naturally cover the speeches, the cake cutting and the details, but I are always photographing pretty much everybody informally from a distance.  In this way I can really capture the emotions of the day.

There usually isn’t a firm plan for the way I approach the rest of the day – I get into the mood and vibe of the party, and shoot really natural, photojournalist photography

The end of the day

I usually finish pretty much at the end of the day falling out of the door with the band.  I use specialist lighting in the evening to ensure I don’t miss any of the action

My day is a very long one, usually starting in the early hours and finishing late at night. Everything I do is geared up to providing you with stunning wedding photography

Even when I leave, my day is not done.  I wont rest until I have backups of your wedding photographs, which we then pop in the post and send to off-site location.  Find out what I do next

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How I shoot a wedding