Your wedding day is really special, and as your wedding photographer we will capture the emotions and events of the day. This often requires just a little planning

Because we shoot in mainly a photojournalistic way, we often just blend into the background, intuitively knowing where to be, and what’s going to happen next

We usually have a meeting some time before the wedding to discuss your photography. We get to know you as a couple, and we also make sure we know exactly what you need us to photograph

Once the brief is sorted out, we will often go to your venue or church to find out about the light, the vantage points and mundane issues such as parking. A few weeks before your wedding we will contact you again and confirm the timings and details of the day

Our attention to the small details produces outstanding results. This can only happen with planning and preparation. This is the superb service that you expect when you hire a professional wedding photographer

If we sound like a breath of fresh air, then contact us and check our wedding photographer’s availability. We are 100% approachable and professional

Enquire about booking me to shoot your wedding

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Planning your photography