Meet my wife, Elizabeth King, a full time Wedding Planner.  We work together frequently.  No mater what stage you are in your wedding planning, feel free to call Elizabeth to find out more about the very special services she offers

The benefits of having a good wedding planner on-board are huge.  Couples spend on average 240 hours planning a wedding, that’s a lot of time and effort.  Imagine having a lot of that work taken away…  Wedding planners reduce stress levels dramatically

While most venues have an assistant that organises “their bit”  A wedding planner can organise and coordinate everything else too.  As a seasoned wedding professional, I can tell you that working at a wedding organised by a good wedding planner is bliss, as the whole day will just run perfectly

Having a totally experienced wedding planner assist me is really useful.  It gives us a very unique outlook on the day.  The two of us live, sleep, and eat weddings

We are pretty unique in the package we offer – a wedding photographer and a wedding planner under the same roof.  If you like the sound of our service and you want to find out more, or just check our availability contact us

If you are interested in Elizabeth’s exclusive wedding planning services, then visit her website: or call Elizabeth directly in her office on 01552 776591

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