Backing things up

I carefully make immediate backups of your memory cards.  To be doubly careful with your precious wedding photographs, I shoot on to two cards at the same time!

I burn the backups to disk, confirm the integrity and post one back-up off-site.  Once the memory cards are in a safe, then and only then do I open a well deserved bottle of wine and relax!

The memory cards from your wedding are not re-used or overwritten until the processing for the wedding photography is complete and the finished result is backed up on and off site

As a professional wedding photographer I are pretty fastidious about backups – I hold a full backup on-site and off-site

Editing your images

Firstly I run through all of your wedding photographs deleting out all of the photographs with obvious issues like blinks  (I usually shoot any group shots several times to account for blinks)

I then do the basic processing of the wedding photographs in colour.  I have a specially built editing suite for doing this

My editing suite has specially coloured walls, ceilings and specialist lighting.  My screens are colour calibrated at the start of every working day.  All of this is done to ensure I are working in a very controlled environment, from day-to-day, and as the ambient lighting changes in the day

I have a specalised colour profiling workflow that ensures that from shoot to print, colours are faithful

Once the colour editing is done I select all the wedding photographs that will then be converted to black and white, or those which need some other form of processing.  If I are shooting a wedding for a day, I will spend about a solid week editing.  Things like spots, marks, and distractions will be removed as required from the wedding photographs

When your wedding photographs are totally edited, again I create a set for backups, and post the backup off-site

Full on-line service

I then create a set of wedding photographs for web, uploading them to your private gallery.  I will then call or e-mail you with details of your user name and password

Enquire about booking me to shoot your wedding

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Email me

You can e-mail me at: [email protected]

Call me

You can call me in my studio: 01522  253203 or, if you are outside of the UK: 0044 1522 253203

What happens after I have shot your wedding?