Observational wedding photographer captures gown cords lining up with architecture
A little bit of observational magic. I noticed the roofline outside the room a few minutes earlier. When the Brides mother started to string up the dress. I realised it would all fall into place if I waited.  Add subtle lighting…

I am a observational destination wedding photographer.  That means I photograph things just as I see them.  I record the events of your wedding in a way that tells the story of your special day, like a Brides eye view on the day

Individual approach just for you

You as a couple are individual, totally different to all of the other Brides and Grooms I have photographed before.  For this reason I will approach your documentary wedding photography with fresh and open mind.  No two weddings are the same for me.  You have spent ages making your wedding day special.  You deserve an individualised approach to your wedding photography

It is about anticipation

During your wedding I react to what is in front of me.  I will not particularly direct you or your guests.  I anticipate what is going to happen next.  It is a sort of sixth sense – like knowing when the mother of the bride will get that little tear in her eye!

An artistic touch – I try not to alter your day, I just interpret it artistically

I bring to the table artistic vision and superb photography skills.  This enables me to show the ordinary in an extraordinary beautiful way.  I seek out personality, emotions and feelings. 

I then add just a little photographic magic!

That pinch of magic is what makes the difference between a good set of wedding photographs and an outstandingly brilliant set of wedding photographs

Blending in

Most of the time people do not even realise I have photographed them.  I usually wear a very smart suit to a wedding, and I look like a guest. I take a lot of relaxed candid photographs

So you want some formal wedding photographs

If you want formal group shots, I can shoot a few for you.  I am very experienced in shooting these, however…   If you predominantly want formal photographs, then I am probably not the best photographer for you

Relaxed and informal

Most couples book me because they want to be liberated from a wedding photographer taking over the day; preferring instead a relaxed, informal and emotional record of their wedding

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