A bridesmaid with her beautiful children. A totally natural observational wedding photograph

On the one hand, you want beautiful sublime wedding photography, on the other you don’t want to be spending ages with a photographer interrupting the flow of your day

Being an observational wedding photographer, I won’t be absorbing time, lining you up or bossing your guests about. Instead, I watch and wait, shooting what happens, as it un
folds.  I concentrate on emotions and feelings

Working this way this produces really fresh, real, natural and unforced wedding photography.  I am a story teller, I tell the real story of your day in photographs

Gestures and timing

Often, when I look at a bride, groom or a guest, I observe a gesture or smile, and then I make a mental note of it.  I then work with lighting, lens choice, and add great positioning and camera craft to capture that real emotion in a totally natural well framed pose.  This is the way I can produce what looks like a classical pose or framing, whilst getting a really natural expression

It takes a lot of time and patience to work in this way, this is why generally I shoot all day long, in this way both you and your guests start to ignore me At the end of the day the light is low, the bride and groom take a gentle strolland then the magic begins

I don’t arrive at a wedding with any preconceived ideas, I like to let the day take its course; I then observe and react to what is happening at your wedding

Observing everything

Seeing expressions is not enough.  I observe light, form, buildings, textures and objects.  I marry these all of these observations together to produce stunning observational wedding photography

I will look at a room or landscape and figure out in advance and think through how it will look as the light changes through the day. I take those thoughts to make sure I am back in the right place at the right time

Wedding photography ought to be timeless, and unforced.  I want you to be looking at your wedding photography for years to come, to share it with your children and grandchildren

You want to be showing them how your really felt on the day, the way you really looked.  This is the reason that I avoid this year’s gimmicky style.  Instead I give you timeless observational wedding photography

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